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Meet Matthew Bryan Prideaux

The Founder and CEO of The BeMBP Institute

Once upon a time Matt Prideaux was a person just like you. And just like you, he was unhappy with his life and ready for a change. But, he took a step into the future and remade the present in his own image. By creating The BeMBP Institute, Matt is offering the world a change to begin again. Are you ready to find out more about what The BeMBP Institute has to offer you? Are you ready to realize your full potential? 

Our History

We began just over a decade ago as a tiny startup running out of Matt Prideaux's garage. Now, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the entire "identity rebirth" industry. The reason for that? We have a 100% satisfaction rating, and an unbeatable team of wonderful team members working around the clock to ensure it stays that way. Do you want to be a part of history? Well, look no further. Enroll in The BeMBP Institute today, and you just won't be a part of history, you'll be creating it!

Start Your MBP Journey

The BeMBP Institute Graduation Ceremony
Apr 23, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
321 E 4th St, Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA



“The BeMBP Institute changed my life. Before this program I felt like I was always getting in my own way. Now I feel like my future has never been brighter."

Matt Prideaux

Graduating Class 2021


“Everyone should experience this program. No matter who you are, you will walk away as a completely different person.”

Matt Prideaux
Graduating Class 2016


“There is no better option out there for someone looking for help. I tried dozens of other programs, but none of them made a difference. Then I found Matt Prideaux and everything changed.”

Matt Prideaux

Graduating Class 2019

Our Funders

The BeMBP Institute is made possible due to the support of people like you. Please consider making the world a little bit brighter with the simple act of donating. Every dollar makes a difference and helps bring one more Matt Prideaux into the world!


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