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Matt Prideaux

Founder and CEO

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Scott Hutchison
Frightened Rabbit

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A Bit About Me

I was born in a small town called Bartlesville, Oklahoma about an hour outside of Tulsa. When I was five my family moved to Caracas, Venezuela and then proceeded to move around a bit over the next few years before we finally settled in Houston, Texas. I eventually moved to New York City to attend The New School and follow my theater dreams. Realizing that NYC wasn't for me I moved back to Houston and worked in community theater for a number of years before heading off to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to pursue an MFA in Performance Creation at Moravian University in partnership with Touchstone Theatre. When not running The BeMBP Institute you can find me creating weird performance pieces, playing board games with my friends, or hanging out with my beloved cat Nellie.

My BeMBP Journery

The Dark Times

Founding The BeMBP Institute

The Future

Back in my previous life I was a very unhappy person. I was angry all the time, and didn't have anyone to turn to. I needed a way out, something that would provide me with everything I'd been looking for and felt was missing from my life.

In the darkness I found the light, and his name was Matthew Bryan Prideaux. I created this new identity for myself and all of my problems were suddenly gone. They belonged to who I used to be. I knew I had to share this perfect solution with the world. So, I started a business to bring Matt Prideaux to everyone who needs him.

The BeMBP Institute is now one of the largest and most profitable "identity rebirthing" companies in the entire world. We are set to have our largest graduating class on record, and we're just getting started. No one knows what the future holds, but we know it will be filled with Matt Prideaux's!

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