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          It all began many years ago when I, Matt Prideaux, Founder and CEO of The BeMBP Institute, was a much younger man. Back then I was very unhappy with my life. I was alone, without any hope or anywhere to turn to. But, I had a vision. What if I could just be someone else? Just magically change into another person with a different past, present, and most importantly, future? And so, I did!

          I created this person, this character, named Matt Prideaux, and with the snap of my fingers, I just became him. I left everyone and everything I had behind me, and completely dedicated myself to this new persona. And god, let me tell you, it was the best thing that ever happened to me! Every mistake I made, every person I wronged, every single thing I disliked about myself, gone. Forever. Like that.

          And now, there was nothing ahead of me but endless possibilities and the safety and comfort of Matt Prideaux to guide me through. And, I mean, I knew that this was too good of an opportunity to keep to myself. I had to share this invention with the world! I had to help all of those people out there struggling and suffering just like I used to. And so, I created The BeMBP Institute to spread the beauty and majesty of Matthew Bryan Prideaux with the whole wide world, and to provide anyone with the desire, and means to pay the very reasonable fee, with the answer they’ve been looking for for all of their lives.

          The BeMBP Institute was founded as a way to give people a relief from their lives. How we achieve this is with out patented BeMBP System. This allows enrollees in our program the means and training to let them cut ties with their past, and take on a new role and purpose, that of "Matt Prideaux". By enrolling in our program, you are saying to the world that you are brave enough to make a commitment to starting over. It won't be an easy journey, but with our 100% graduation rate we guarantee that every single person that signs up each will be walking away with their very own certificate certifying them as an official "Matt Prideaux."

          You might be wondering just what exactly this program entails? Well, we offer a plethora of different courses around the various aspects of how to be, believe, think, and act like Matt Prideaux. We abide by some simple and straightforward tenets here, that define the BeMBP Lifestyle:

          1. Be Impulsive! 

          2. Be Confident!

          3. Be Interesting!

          4. Be Yourself!

          As long as you follow these safe and easy guidelines you'll be on your way to being Matthew Bryan Prideaux in no time!

          Now, there's one more thing we need to state (for legal reasons) we have certain terms and conditions here at The BeMBP Institute. Any “Matt Prideaux” caught breaking the law will automatically have their MBP License revoked. And, any instance of bigotry, discrimination, or hate in any form will result in an immediate suspension of the title of Matt Prideaux, and call for a review before the MBP Tribunal to determine whether your partnership with us will be terminated. But, we know that none of our brilliant, wonderful, and special students would ever do any of those naughty things, so don't even worry about them!


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